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You can always find the new flavors and updates about Batik Amarillis Brand at Our products are available at

Batik Amarillis's products are limited, uniquely and individualy Hand made with love and passion, most of Batik Amarillis's  are made one piece per item so when it's gone and sold it's really gone and sold for good.

To view our products please click the Top Navigation which separates outer, tops, dresses, and bottoms. A simple click on the product photo is the first step to shop.

If you need help on How to Order, please:

We will be more than pleased to assist you




  1. You can browse our product by their types - OUTERS, TOPS, DRESSES, ACCESSORIES, BOTTOMS etc
  2. Once you have found an item you like to order, you can click on "ADD TO CART" button. Continue to browse and click on the button for every single item you wish to order.
  3. You can view your cart by clicking the "CART" link at Top Right of the page.
  4. Review your items, and you can "REMOVE ITEMS" to delete it from the shopping bag.
  5. If you are done - simply click "PROCEED TO ORDER" to complete your order, and select type of your payment & bank account which you prefered.
  6. adding an item to your cart does not guarantee you to purchase it.The item is purchase once it is checked out.
  7. Fill in your details from your name, address and phone number. Click "SUBMIT". When the transaction is confirmed, the order number is communicated throughout website to enable tracking of the order at all times.
  8. You will then be viewed to the order track. Order track provides details of your order code, and a note that we will review your orders.
  9. We do our best to serve each items of your orders. But please note that each photo has limited stocks. It happens that there are items that can not be served due to Out of Stock or Sold Out.
  10. We will send the Order Confirmation (invoice) and Payment Details to your email address. Hence, please check your emails in 1x24hours.
  11. We received payment via BCA, Mandiri, and Paypal (for international customers only) 
  12. Displayed product's price not yet includes Shipping Fee. Our shipping fees apply the same rates as offered by Courier Services. We usually use JNE Indonesia and Post Indonesia for International customers.
  13. You also can sign up your details for next purchase at the right top of the page.
  14. Price of each item may change without announcement
  15. For International Customer 
    Pricing in our website is not a converter between US$ and IDR. it's our policy for applying difference pricing for customer within Indonesia's Regions and outside Indonesia's Region
  16. For International customer 
    Local taxes included (where applicable). Additional duties and taxes  may apply, we are not responsible for the duties & taxes.



Batik Amarillis only accepts bank transfer for domestic customers and PayPal for international customers only . Bank transfers only available via BCA and Mandiri.

We will send invoice with subject Order Confirmation to your email. Payment should be made strictly in 24hours (1 day ) after you received our email of Order Confirmation. If you can't transfer, your orders will be automatically cancelled. You can order again but we can't guarantee the availability of our products.

Confirmation SHOULD BE MADE Strictly after you paid your order. Please klik "confirmation payment" link in Order Confirmation email to confirm your payment, or simply klik "confirmation payment" menu in batik amarillis web store page.


Sign Up will speed up the ordering process for users. Register yourself and you will be able to enjoy benefit of saving your address so you can Check Out fast every time you purchase at our web store. Your information will be kept privately. To create an account, simply click on 'Sign up' to fill in and save your details.


If you have forgotten your password, please follow the 'FORGOTTEN PASSWORD' instructions on the SIGN IN page.


1. handwash only, use shampoo or mild soap. It has to be dissolved in the water until it is completely solvent. The use of detergent is BIG NO NO!

Do not put batik in the washing machine, do not soak and gently remove any stains (if there's any)

Do not squeeze after wash, do not let it dry under direct sunlight

Do not spry parfume direct to your batik

Put your batik inside a plastic cover before putting it inside your wardrobe to prevent it from moth

2. Wash separately

3. Due to hand made batik which are not made as mass production in the factory, sometimes the residue of waxes still clinging to the fabric (that's part of the batik's nature and process), but it can be cleaned when it washed


Sizing in Batik Amarillis product varies ,make sure you pick the right size

If you need more help about sizing and fit - simply email or text (sms) or whatsapp us to (+62) 087777 15 10 17 for advice.

The website features are not yet optimal in some handheld devices, you are suggested to access our website from desktop or laptops instead.

If you face difficulties to order via website, please try to access using different browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.


Bahasa Indonesia

Cara order:


- sebelumnya daftarkan diri, dengan mngklik "join in", isi data yang diperlukan.


- Gunakan alamat email dan no. telp  yang masih berlaku, agar komunikasi tidak terhambat.


- Pencantuman alamat harus lengkap, kecamatan/ kota madya tercantum


proses belanja:


-item yang dijual adalah item yang berada di menu: outers, tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories dll kecuali menu lookbook dan freshly baked (hanya untuk ilustrasi/teaser)


-setelah cocok dengan itemnya (cek detail ukuran, dan jenis material dengan menklik gambar item dan item yg tidak ada tulisan "out of stock"), klik gambar shopping bag atau "add to cart".
- lakukan langkah ini jika ingin item yang lain.
- jika sudah cukup, klik "cart" dikanan atas halaman web untuk proses selanjutnya.
- klik "proceed to  order", pilih alamat kirimnya kemudian klik “next”
- centang "I agree", klik "next"
- klik bank mana yang nanti akan transfer, pada pilihan bank.
- klik " I confirm my order"
Secara otomatis akan muncul order ID dan rangkuman order dan akan diemail secara otomatis juga.


Lakukan pembayaran:


 -saat transfer jangan lupa sertakan order ID mbak/ nama, agar kami mudah melacak pembayarannya


Konfirmasi pembayaran:
Klik "confirm payment" di halaman web bagian atas, isi data yang diminta, saat isi order ID, jangan sertakan tanda #, ketik angkanya saja.