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welcome to batik amarillis

Batik Amarillis journey began in 2010, as time flies we receive lots of love and appreciation from our customers especially for our unique  craftmanship. For accesible service, we love to present you Batik Amarillis webstore for your pleasure to enjoy and shop our sweet and quirky stuffs, just click here and there and Voilà ..something sweet and quirky will be delivered soon to your home ♥


our concept inclines towards love and passion for Indonesia's traditional fabrics and we love  making unique and special things ,that's why most of  Batik Amarillis's products are limited, uniquely and individualy made ,most of Batik Amarillis's  made one piece per item so when it's gone and sold it's really gone and sold for good.

our sweet and quirky design reflects romantic vintage,whimsical and ethnic spirits ,all's made with love and passion.


since most of our stuffs are Limited , uniquely and individualy hand made and you don't want to miss a thing

we suggest you to follow us via Facebook and Twitter so you can always stay alert for new flavors to come...


lots of love ♥



for further info you can contact:
WhatsApp: 087777 151017 (text only)