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batik amarillis's Heyday2 dress

batik amarillis's Heyday2 dress
batik amarillis's Heyday2 dress

Reduced price! Rp 461.930

Product Details:

Timeless,classsic and classy  dress with 50-ies cutting and styling then spiced up with 70-ies frill. It is completely lined with cotton ,a long lovely bow that you style the way you want also skinny cord to emphasize the whole uniqeness.
Size XS (bust: 88cm, length: 95cm, waist: 76cm)

Made of  batik combo & hand stamped batik Banyumas

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Rp 659.900 tax incl.

(price reduced by 30 %)


The skirt bells out in the most lovely way and hides practical pockets at the side seams

just a styling tip to maximize your 'Hey Day' Look, put in your head and your heart what's like walking in Jackie O's,audrey hepburn and Grace kelly's shoes in their 'hey day' ♥

Timeless, unique and flattering.


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